Thermal Analysis Services for Efficient Thermal Management

Efficient thermal management of today’s complex building structures and downsized engineering products dictate manufacturer’s ability to survive in the competitive market scenario.

We specialize in providing thermal management solutions for automotive, industrial equipments and building structures through our expertise in finite element analysis. Our team helps in obtaining comprehensive behavior of the product subjected to thermal environment and subsequently predicting resulting stress and deformation.

Solutions from our team help design engineers to make important design decisions to improve thermal compatibility prior to physical test trials. We aim to reduce the product development cycles considerably and assist manufacturers to bring their products to the market faster, considering all the thermal aspects of the design.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas

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  • Our engineers help in determining thermal effects on automotive components such as engine, piston, valves, passenger cabin, underhood and exhaust manifolds to improve design, and eliminate possibilities of failures due to temperature dependent stresses and deformation.

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  • We also provide thermal management solutions for industry equipments like compressors, turbines, pressure vessels, RTOs and gas scrubbers to help design engineers with key information on the effects of temperature on the product design and make necessary changes right from the early design stage.

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  • We extend our thermal analysis solutions for building structures to determine the efficiency of HVAC system and predict the air temperature and comfort conditions inside the building to effectively utilize and optimize the system for cooling or heating purposes.

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