Manufacturing Process Simulation Services For Process Improvement

Manufacturers are increasingly seeking to develop efficient manufacturing processes and effective tools for economical product development to meet organizational goals and profit margins.

We enable manufacturers to evaluate their manufacturing processes such as metal forming, casting and forging for feasibility. Our manufacturing process simulation provides room to develop efficient processes which are conventionally developed using empirical relations and designer judgments. With finite element analysis, our analysts help in simulating manufacturing operations and determine possible generation of stress and strain. Helping manufacturers to predict the required parameters for a feasible manufacturing operation, we assist in developing complicated tool geometries for various manufacturing processes.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas

Metal Forming
  • Our FEA analysts provide metal forming simulations to improve the process over trial and error empirical evaluation methods. We help in developing complicated tool geometries for forming process with reduced physical trials.

  • We assist manufacturing organizations to improve their machining process through FEM approach by determining key parameters such as cutting forces, temperatures and stresses.

Heat Treatment
  • We have extensive experience in FEA simulations to provide assistance to manufacturers in improvising their heat treatment process. Our engineers assist in determining quenching effectiveness, internal stress levels, distortion in finished part through applicable heat treatment models.

  • Our engineers provide simulation solutions for casting and solidification processes to determine air gap formation, non-uniform shrinkage and residual stresses through coupled field analyses.

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