Fatigue Analysis Services For Engineering Products

Staying ahead in a competitive market requires manufacturers to develop quality products with increased useful life cycle, while keeping costs to minimum.

We help manufacturing organizations and design engineers to improve their product life cycle through FE based fatigue analysis. With an in-depth analysis on causes of fatigue failure, formation and growth of crack and prediction of product’s safety margin, we play a crucial role in investigating the product performance and predict possible inspection intervals. Our solutions provide engineers the opportunity to incorporate alternative design strategy such as the use of composite materials, and thereby improve useful life period of the product and also establish warranty schedules effectively.

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Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

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  • Our FEA specialists provide fatigue life estimation for automobile components such as gears, engine components, driveline and fasteners to improve useful life period and establish safety margins accurately.

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  • We help in evaluating useful life period of industrial equipments such as offshore structures, pipes, compressors and turbines through fatigue analysis. We have also delivered ASME based fatigue solutions for pressure vessels for determining safety margin and useful life cycle.

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Reach out to us for fatigue analysis services at info@hitechfea.com or contact us.