Static FE Based Analyses for Industrial Products & Structures

Product manufacturers are pressurized to minimize resource utilization while keeping the required performance value in their products to remain competitive in the market.

We offer structural simulation solutions to engineering clients for product performance evaluation prior to physical tests. Our solutions can provide assistance in predicting critical stress and deformation regions in the product geometry. We help in identifying plastic limits and evaluate the durability and structural integrity of the design. From small assembly components to complex and large systems, our analysts and engineers combine their expertise to ensure result accuracy and simultaneously reduce number of physical test trials.

Linear Structural

For products undergoing gradual loads within the elastic limits and yield point, our linear structural assessment can provide insights on stress generation and subsequent deformation in the design of building structures, pressure vessels, turbines and automobile components. Our engineers can further assist in optimizing the product design against deformation and provide opportunities to explore multiple design concepts to build products with appreciable structural integrity. Read more

Nonlinear Structural

Our team of FEA experts specializes in conducting non linear structural studies for multiple domains such as pumps, turbines, offshore structures and automotive components, to predict structural behavior under the application of loads. Design engineers can identify critical stress regions undergoing large deformation and subsequently optimize the design prior to conducting physical experiments. Read more

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