Structural Analysis of Gate Valve Assembly

Case Highlights:
Client : Gate Valve Manufacturer, Europe
The Objective : To perform structural analysis of the gate valve at room temperature and predict stress concentration at concerned regions.


  • Developing accurate CAD model of the valve assembly to ensure accurate results
  • Applying boundary conditions to replicate real world conditions

Software Used: ANSYS Professional NLS 14.5

Solution: The accurate CAD model created by Hi-Tech’s engineering team was utilized to perform structural analysis, to investigate stress concentration across the valve assembly as well as individual components and its impact on the deformation values.

Gate Valve Assembly
Gate Valve Assembly

Gate valves are often designed for cases where the motive fluid is supposed to possess high temperature. These High temperature fluids impact the structural strength of the valves, due to excessive stress generation and concentration in restrictive regions.

There is a possibility of the valve components to deform under such high thermal stresses and develop cracks in the assembly, leading the valve to fail prematurely. One of the expert valve manufacturing firms in Europe reached Hi-Tech to receive simulation solutions for their gate valve, designed to carry high temperature fluid.


To ensure meaningful simulation results, the first priority was to develop an accurate CAD model and later use the model for simulation purposes. An important aspect of the simulation was to ensure that the boundary conditions matched with that of the real world situations, which was accomplished by expert analysts at Hi-Tech.

The structural analysis performed on the valve assembly as well as individual components, provided useful insights on stress generation and deformation values. A detailed evaluation was done to figure out stress concentration on concerned areas of the valve assembly, and the design was found to be within the safe stress limits.


  • Accurate CAD model provided 40% reduction in time required to develop the prototype
  • Measurable reduction in conducting physical tests trials which significantly reduced the cost involved
  • Future design modification was made possible to accommodate fluids at different temperatures

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