Modal Analysis Services for Vibration Reduction

It is of paramount importance for manufacturers today to predict product failures accurately to develop quality products, reduce cost, and improve life cycle to remain competitive in the market.

We investigate product behavior undergoing vibrational excitation and evaluate dynamic response of the products through computer aided simulations. Our mechanical engineers and NVH specialists assist in identifying and eliminating premature component failure due to distortions in natural frequencies. We further provide suggestions on stress and noise reduction and design optimization. Through virtual simulations, we aim to reduce product development schedules and allow manufacturers to reduce time-to-market the product and remain competitive.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

Evaluating the behavior of equipments and devices involving dynamic forces, our engineers help product designers to identify natural frequencies and mode shapes to reduce noise and vibration frequencies through finite element approach for:

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  • Our FEA analysts provide modal damping solutions for automotive components such as crankshafts, steering columns, bearings, piston and drive shafts to eliminate sources of vibrations and noise and subsequently reduce the possibility of failure due to stress generation.

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  • We extend our modal analysis studies for industrial equipments including turbines, compressors, storage tanks and rotating machineries to investigate the possibilities of failure due to distortions in natural frequencies and thereby improve and optimize product design.

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  • FEA engineers at our design engineering facility provide simulation solutions for building structure such as bridges, structural industrial platforms and storage racks to determine and minimize NVH frequencies and resulting stress and deformation.

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