Crash Analysis Services For Automotive & Industrial Applications

With conventional testing tools, the ability to predict effects of crash events is becoming complex for design engineers to develop crashworthy product designs for durability and human safety.

Engineers at HiTech FEA provide solutions for product manufacturers and structural design engineers to evaluate their design virtually for short-term high impact loadings. Our finite element solutions help in retrieving key information data from the effects of crash or impact loads.

Additionally, we assist in making important design decisions to develop strong and load resistance products for the prospective market. The analysis provides opportunities for manufacturers to determine the crashworthiness of their proposed design as well as allow them to choose alternative materials or perform design changes easily.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas

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  • We deliver finite element solutions to predict the effects of crash or high impact loading on automobile body and other components such as chassis, passenger cabin and steering columns to make necessary design changes early in the development cycle.

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  • Our crash/impact loading studies are extended for industrial equipments such as frames, cranes and offshore structures to assist engineers in determining their behavior during high impact, short duration loads through simulation techniques.

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  • Our FEA engineers simulate the effects of impact loading on building structures to determine design strength and evaluate alternative concepts for better resistance against short duration loads.

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