FEA Buckling Analysis Services For Effective Load Bearing Capabilities

Developing shafts and slender components for today’s complex and multi-purpose engineering applications is increasingly becoming difficult with conventional design methodologies.

Our FEA engineers assist product designers in evaluating buckling failure for light weight product designs through linear and nonlinear finite element simulations. Predicting the product behavior and root causes of failure, we provide key design insights to manufacturers prior to actual production. Analysis results help to significantly reduce the product development schedules for slender components. Further, through determination of buckling load factor and identification of resistance of the material against compressive stresses, we help in optimizing the design as well as identify possible alternative concepts.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas

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  • We enable design engineers from automotive domain to develop product designs against critical buckling loads and thereby reduce failure possibilities for components like crankshaft, connecting rods, drive shafts, steering column and chassis. Our engineers provide critical design information through finite element simulations and subsequently provide room for product developers to perform changes in the design right from the early design stages and reduce number of prototyping trials required.

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  • Our buckling failure studies are extended for industrial equipments including pipes, compressors, turbines, rotating machineries and platform structures to effectively eliminate failure possibilities resulting from critical buckling loads. Through simulation tests, we investigate the behavior of these equipments and suggest possible design optimization to prevent premature failure.

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Contact us for modal analysis services or email us at: info@hitechfea.com.