Seismic Analysis Services For Safety Parts, Components & Assemblies

From residential buildings, commercial offices to industrial equipment platforms and storage racks, our FEA specialists provide simulation design solutions for structures to identify the effects of seismic events such as earthquakes.

Our CAE team has the required experience and capabilities to analyze structures to ensure their design compliance with acceptance standards and required resistance against the seismic spectra. We enable structural engineers to identify effects of vibration isolators on system performance against seismic loads, and enable them to re-look at their structure design for effective strength against seismic ground shaking.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas

We have delivered seismic analysis studies for diverse applications ranging from offshore structures, concrete structures, bridges, machineries, equipment platforms and warehouse storage racks. Through finite element simulations, we provide structural design engineers with information on the response spectra, characteristics of seismic motions and dynamic mass participation factors for structures.

Our solutions also assist in determining the effects of vibration isolators on system performance and subsequently provide suggestions to develop efficient seismic designs for structures. We encourage design engineers to incorporate design changes during early stages, to significantly reduce lead development times and associates costs.

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