Coupled Field Analysis Services – Thermal & Structural Analysis

Engineering organizations are in need to exploit the design opportunities to develop efficient, high performance products for today’s competitive market scenario.

Our engineers assist manufacturing organization to develop product designs involving application of two or more physics fields. With sequential or direct coupled analysis, we provide key insights on the effects of physics on the product design to help manufacturers in optimizing the design. With coupled field studies, we provide comprehensive details on multiple factors affecting design performance and implement changes through virtual simulation techniques. Our primary services include determining the effects of structural, thermal and electrical fields.

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Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

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  • We provide design solutions through finite element approach for automotive components such as radiator, engine, sensors and transducers to evaluate them for thermal-structural and piezoelectric effects. Our solutions provide insights on stress and deformations due to multiple physics involved; and thereby assist manufacturers to optimize the design accordingly.

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  • FEA specialists at HiTech FEA provide critical design solutions for industrial equipments undergoing effects of multiple physics. We help in determining critical stress regions resulting from the combined effects of structural and thermal loads and provide room for design engineers to perform design optimization. Our solutions are typically extended for transformers, heat exchangers, gas turbines and pressure vessels.

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