FEA shortens the Design Cycle for Thermal Radiation Detector System for Power Plant

Case Highlights:
Client :
  • The customer is a leading Detection Systems solution provider.
  • The customer is into Designing and Manufacturing of Thermal Radiation Detection System for Plants.

Technology / Software Used: FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS

Business Requirements / Challenges:

  • Providing a Solution to Industry is one of the most critical requirements due to the High Severity level of the Domain.
  • Due to high competition in the market, the customer satisfaction expectations are always high in terms of Delivery which in turn demands for shorter Design Cycles.
  • With these expectations, it becomes essential to focus on Designs which can be readily used with fewer number of Prototype Testing
Shorten Design Cycle for Thermal Radiation Detector System


  • A detailed three dimensional Finite Element Model was constructed for Thermal Qualification analysis of the Detector Assembly.
  • The software used to perform Thermal analysis was ANSYS v13.0 Mechanical Module. The model design and geometry was done using Solid Works Software.
  • The analysis was performed to determine the maximum temperature of the detector by applying the Thermal Load Curve at the outer Housing which is having a very high peak for a very small duration. The objective was to find out the maximum temperature at the Detector when this peak temperature occurs at the outer Housing.


  • The Filtration Area optimization simulation which was done with the help of ANSYS Design Modeler and Professional NLS, provided a technically feasible solution with increased output and also reduced the number of prototype as the first prototype gave a satisfactory performance.
  • Assessment by FEA methodology shortened the Product Development Cycle by significant amount.

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