Harmonic Analysis Services For Vibration Dampening

Establishing proactive maintenance schedules and warranty periods is increasingly becoming a challenge for manufacturers, especially for today’s complex product designs.

We specialize in delivering design solutions for products subjected to loads varying harmonically with time through computer aided simulations. Our design engineers collaborate with FEA specialists to identify and evaluate steady state forced vibrations. We further assist in optimizing unbalanced vibrations to improve performance and stability of the system for a specific range of vibration frequencies. Manufacturers can subsequently determine the product’s capability to withstand resonance and determine fatigue cycles to determine safety and warranty schedules.

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Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

Evaluating the behavior of equipments and devices involving dynamic forces, our engineers help product designers to identify natural frequencies and mode shapes to reduce noise and vibration frequencies through finite element approach for:

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  • Our design solutions for automotive product manufacturers assist in evaluating harmonic response of key components such as crankshaft, connecting rods, piston and drive shafts to reduce noise and vibrations; helping in optimizing the design prior to production.

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  • From gas turbines, compressors, pumps to cranes and structural platforms, our engineering team provides design solutions through finite element approach for elimination of possible noise and vibration effects of harmonic loads that lead to product failure.

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  • We also stretch our harmonic analysis studies for building structures or storage racks and platforms subjected to specific range of harmonic frequencies, and help design engineers to identify resulting stresses and fatigue effects prior to physical tests.

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