Vibration Analysis Services For Multiple Industrial Applications

The need to develop products faster and cheaper is challenging existing vibration testing methodologies and requires the right combination of modern testing tools and expertise.

Our engineering design facility is developed to assist clients in developing sustainable products through simulation testing and validation to reduce noise and vibrations, resulting from dynamic force applications. We enable design engineers to determine natural frequencies of their product designs and resulting stresses & deformation using finite element approach. Our solutions provide key insights right from the early design stages to implement modifications and optimize existing designs effectively.

Our Expertise

Evaluating the behavior of equipments and devices involving dynamic forces, our engineers help product designers to identify natural frequencies and mode shapes to reduce noise and vibration frequencies through finite element approach for:

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  • We assist design engineers in evaluating dynamic behavior of the products subjected to loads that vary harmonically with time and subsequently help in evaluating design safety against resonance and fatigue cycles.

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  • Our FEA specialists assist product design engineers to improve existing product designs as well as new concepts by minimizing vibration frequencies and eliminate possibilities of failure of the component due to stresses resulting from distortions.

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  • Engineers at HiTech FEA provide solutions for earthquake damage assessment of structures subjected to seismic events using finite element analysis. From industrial structures, commercial buildings to residential buildings, we help structural engineers to build structures as per industry standards with acceptable seismic response spectra.

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  • We support design engineers to determine light weight slender products for buckling failure through prediction of product behavior and failure locations using computer aided simulations. Our team provides assistance to quickly transform concepts to actual production, reducing development schedules considerably

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