Transient Analysis and Modeling Services at HiTechFEA

Manufacturers today, are in need of right engineering tools to predict product behavior and implement changes to reduce product development cycles and time-to-market.

We deliver transient thermal analysis solutions for industrial equipments, automotive components and building structures through finite element approach. Our engineers guide product designers to determine thermal characteristics and effects of temperature on the product design to employ changes in the design right from the initial development phase. For equipments and structures subjected to dynamic thermal environment, our solutions play a key role in determining thermal compatibility and other critical parameters such as stresses and deformation prior to actual development.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

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  • Our FEA experts provide transient thermal solutions for automotive components including IC engine and its parts, underhood, cooling system components and internal cabin to effectively understand the temperature distribution and its effects on structural integrity.

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  • Engineers at HiTech FEA deliver thermal management solutions for industrial equipments such as gas turbines, pressure vessels, separators, valves, pipes and ducts to understand the product response against thermal exposure and measure compatibility for further design change or optimization.

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  • We extend our thermal analysis expertise for building structures to determine thermal comfort conditions for human and help in optimizing the design of HVAC systems.

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