Simulation using ANSYS Professional NLS helps to reduce Product Development Cycle

Case Highlights:
Client :
  • The customer is a leading Infocomm Solution provider having verticals in Oil and Gas, Infocom, Fiber Optics etc.
  • This particular division is into the Designing and manufacturing of Splicing Structure for Fiber Optics.

Technology / Software Used: ANSYS v14.5 Professional NLS

Business Requirements / Challenges:

  • To simulate wide number of tests for Splice Structure used for splicing of Fiber Optics
  • In case of development of Splicing structure, it is essential that the product should pass various Tests ranging from Shock loading to Impact.
  • With these expectations, it becomes essential to focus on designs which can be readily used with fewer number of prototype testing.
Simulation using ANSYS Professional NLS


  • The software used to perform analysis was ANSYS v14.5 Professional NLS.
  • A 3D Assembly model of Splice Structure was created and analyzed for Various Tests: Shock Loading, Impact Loading (Equivalent Static Loading), Temperature Loading etc.
  • The analysis was performed to determine whether the structure will withstand the Tests performed.


  • Assessment by FEA methodology shortened the Product Development Cycle by significant amount.

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