4 Questions that will help you understand Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in a Better Way

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FEA is a widely popular method used by engineers nowadays. We are seeing lots of new things coming up in the field of finite element analysis every day which makes us believe that FEA can be used in better purposes for a product.

4 Questions that will help you understand Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in a Better Way

Understand Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA has the prowess of predicting product performance for entire design and manufacturing process within a particular setup. With the help of CAD; it has been even easier to utilize FEA to predict the product performance in an easier way.

But how does FEA help in understanding the basic elements of your products? This article gives you an answer to that question. It also gives you definite questions that you should ask yourselves before deciding for FEA process for your product so that you can get maximum benefit out of the process.

Let us now look at some of the questions that will help you understand Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in a better way:

  • Do I comprehend my product; what it’s intended to do; and within what environment does it perform?
  • Do I recognize what FEA tools are available to replicate my product in its environment?
  • Do I comprehend the extent to which my FEA tools can replicate the “real world”?
  • Have sufficiently connected hand calculations, FEA and testing to authenticate that my assumptions and procedures are precise and accurate for good decision making?

Once we have answers to these four questions it becomes easier to understand FEA in a better way for your products.

For years Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has played an important role in design and analysis of mechanical products. With the advancement made in recent years and with more complex modeling, faster solution times and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces (GUIs), FEA has become more valuable than ever. When used wisely and in conjunction with other engineering tools and testing, FEA can be an important component to your engineering judgment, but it’s important to remember that no technology can take place of sound engineering judgment and experience.

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About Author : is a Sr. FEA consultant at Hi-Tech FEA, an India based FEA service provider. He has applied his FEA expertise across several highly complex and big scale projects, consequently managing to seamlessly deliver as per the client requirements.