Linear Static Structural Analysis For Reliable Product Design

Realizing the potential of product designs prior to production is what manufacturers need, to reduce product development time and time-to-market.

We provide structural solutions for products expected to remain elastic during load application to study the effects of small deformations and deflections. Our engineers help clients in developing improved products or product lines through identification of stress concentration regions and prediction of possible abnormal deformation. Engineers can establish a safety criteria for their products designed to perform under yield point.

Liner Analysis Services

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

  • Automotive

    We assist automotive engineering clients for product design and validations subjected to structural loads; and also provide key insights on the effects of stresses to make design changes right from the early stages.

  • Industry Equipments

    From industrial turbines, compressors, storage tanks to pressure vessels, our engineering team assists in simulating the behavior of these devices under the application of loads and help improve structural integrity through design optimization.

  • Building Structures

    Our FEA analysts provide assessment for building structures such as bridges and offshore structures undergoing structural loads through finite element approach.

Software We Use:

Software we use

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