FEA Services through Analysis, Simulation & Modeling in UK

HiTech FEA offers cutting-edge engineering services encompassing finite element analysis, FEM analysis, meshing, pressure vessel design and analysis along with crash analysis. Our FEA services are renowned and recognized in United Kingdom counties comprising of Greater London, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Kent, Essex, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Hampshire, Lancashire, Surrey, Hertfordshire along with Tyne and Wear. Our FEA experts have wide array of experience ranging from elevated temperature heat exchanger problems, ventilation systems, aerospace applications to MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical), and rotating equipments.

HiTech FEA is Associated with Several Clients in the Following Regions:

Counties Cities
Greater London Birmingham
West Midlands Leeds
Greater Manchester Sheffield
West Yorkshire Bradford
Kent Manchester
Essex Liverpool
Merseyside Bristol
South Yorkshire Leicester
Hampshire Wakefield
Lancashire Coventry
Surrey Nottingham
Surrey Nottingham
Hertfordshire Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear Sunderland
Brighton & Hove
Kingston upon Hull

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Dynamic Analysis Services
Linear Analysis Services
Nonlinear Analysis Services
Fatigue Analysis Services
Thermal Analysis Services
Coupled Field Analysis
Manufacturing Process Simulation
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Energy / Oil & Gas
Heavy Equipment / Industries
Machine Parts & Tools
Medical Devices
Software Expertise
Design Modeler
SolidWorks FEA

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Our Clients
  • Addject
  • Bruce
  • CCI
  • Claymore-Home
  • Cleanteq
  • Crosstown
  • Densitron
  • Emerson
  • GSI
  • Innovida
  • Jacobs
  • Larson
  • MITChell
  • Nomenca
  • Siemens
  • MIT
  • Xaloy